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Corpse Bride #1 and First Fan Site! Honestly!
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Welcome to the Do Me Victor from Corpse Bride Fan Community
"Proud member of do_me_cliques

Requirements(and/or Rules)...

1 Absolutely NO flaming of other members or of the comunity. Violation of this rule will not be tolerated.

2. All pictures that are larger than 200x200 must be placed in an Lj cut. If you have Icons to showcase please only put 1of your icons in the post and place the rest behind an Lj cut. This is only to keep the community spam free.


Should you choose not to follow these rules there will be serious consequences:

Strike 1...A warning
Strike 2...You will be Temporarily kicked Out For One Month
Strike 3...Thaks for playing! You will be permanently banned

Now that we've got all that ugly stuff out of the way, how bout you join us!

So your here, at the bottom of the Info, you made it. I hope you choose to respect our rules and most of all have fun posting at our community!

Founded by: socialdragnfly

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