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Victoria Everglot

I woke up the next morning to Victor stroking my hair. Last night had been so...amazing. Almost
beyond explanation how he took me to a plateau of addictive pleasure. He was beautiful without
clothes but he still felt shy and awkward about being without them.
“I hope I didn’t wake you.” He whispered quietly. I shook my head no and he sighed smiling.
“I love you.” I said simply because I did and it felt right at the moment. His funny little quirks.
His gorgeous smile. His difference from other men. I felt warm and safe right next to him with
nothing but the bed sheets keeping the cold out.
“I love you too.” Victor said warmly giving me a tight hug, “I don’t know what I would do with
out you.” I nodded and we kissed each other.

My father had originally bought tickets for a boat called the HMS TITANIC but Emily
and Lily (an artistic friend of mine) had given us warnings about that ship and of some terrible
fate. So I was able to trade those tickets for a couple tickets on the HMS BALTIC that
was also heading towards New York City. Normally couples go alone but Emily, our butterfly
friend, came with us incase we needed the extra warnings of the dead. We rode by coach to
London to catch the Waterloo station. They have “boat trains” which carry passengers to
Southampton where the ships are moored. Victor was in his usual tux and I was in a dark blue
dress that wasn’t too tight for the first time in my life. The Baltic was a beautiful little
ship but we never got to board her and, well, after things turned out I don’t think Victor will ever
board another ship again. You a surely elderly looking man came to tell us that there had been a
coal strike. The Baltic wouldn’t be sailing for quite a while. Instead he took the whole
group who had been waiting there into a line which was sorted by classes (we had first class). We
were riding another larger boat free of charge that was also heading to New York. As we waited
we stood behind a couple who were celebrating their anniversary with their little Pekinese named
Sun Yat Sen.
“Henry Sleeper Parker’s the name.”He said in his American accent and held out his hand to
shake Victor’s. He accepted it timidly.
“Ah, yes. I’m Victor Van Dort and this is my wife Victoria.” He said quietly. Yet Victor had to
speak up because the man couldn’t hear him. Sun Yat Sen whined in boredom and I could feel
Emily’s wings drooping on my shoulder. Finally we could be able to see our new ship. She was
huge and Victor clutched my hand nervously. If this is our ship I thought than the
Titanicmust be enormous!. We walked steadily in line until we were greeted by a
“Names please.” he asked in a sniveled tone.
“Mr and Mrs. Victor Van Dort.” Victor said.
“Ah, yes you are the transfers from the Baltic our other ship. White Star Line regrets
having to complicate your trip with something as frivolous as a coal strike and hope your stay is
as relaxing as possible. He gave a small flower to Victor for his button hole and we boarded. I
could feel my husbands knees shaking and his face was awfully pale.
“Do you want to go inside, darling?” I asked. He nodded quickly and I felt bad for having to
insist to come on this trip. Emily however had flew away but when she returned she was nervous.
She kept trying to lead us to the boat deck but I tried my best to whisper that Victor wasn’t
feeling well. The inside of the ship was like a grand hotel. You couldn’t even feel her rocking in
the sea like most traditional ships. Many people soon entered the ship and it was like a grand
formal dance or social event. It took Victor’s mind off the ship but Emily still acted nervous if
not totally scared out of her wits. At 6:30 the ship stopped again at a French city called
Cherbourg. Not as many people were picked up as in Southampton but in a hour or so the ship
left the harbor. We know because I convince Victor to come on the boat deck for a minute to get
some fresh air and to see a city of France before we left. We met a young woman who was
looking as if she might faint. As we approached her Emily ducked into my bodice and I resisted
the urge to pull her out even though she made me as itchy as possible. She seemed a little
younger than me, nineteen I’d say.
“Are you alright?” I asked, “You look awfully pale.” She smiled.
“Oh, I’m quite alright. I just got married you see and I’m a little nervous.”
“I just got married two days ago!”
“Really? Same here! My name is Madeleine Astor and you?”
“Victoria Van Dort.” I replied quickly, “and my husband is Victor.”
“Madeleine?” a man came over but he was quite aged. Almost Fifty.
“Oh, Victoria! I want you to meet my new husband John Jacob Astor.” I smiled politely but
Victor could tell I was uncomfortable so he excused us to go eat dinner when they invited us to
it. It was 8:10 and the ship had already left the harbor. The chairs were silk and the china was
pure white except for the red White Star Line flag waving in a assumed wind. We had a exquisite
grilled mutton chop. We ate with another man named Hoffman with his two little boys Lolo and
Louis. Victor leaned over and whispered not to name our child “Lolo”, especially if it’s a boy.
Finally I could stand it no more. After dinner we excused ourselves and went to our cabin C-73.
When we did Emily had popped out and turned human again.
“What was that about?” I said really annoyed.
“You said you wouldn’t get on this ship! You told Lily you wouldn’t!” Emily was screaming at
“What are you talking about!” I screamed back.
“The Titanic! You told Lily would avoid that ship.”
“We’re on the Titanic?” Victor was a man did Lily put it?...had a weak
constitution. He turned pale, even for him, and his breathing became harsh.
“Darling, darling it’s okay.” I cooed gently, “We can just get off at the next stop, that’s all.” It
didn’t work and in the next moment he fainted. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. Every time
that man turns he’s finding himself at the point of death. Emily became a butterfly and I called
for a doctor on the ship. There was a small hospital on D deck that was able to send one and the
doctor everything would be alright, laid Victor on our bed, and left. I was determined to stay
awake until the next possible stop. So determined that I didn’t notice that someone had hit me on
the head...
When I came to I was in an unfamiliar room and all I could hear was shouting. A woman dressed
in white noticed that I was conscious and opened the doors. Victor came walking in and Emily
was resting on his shoulder. He quickly picked me up but the room seemed to be spinning around when we used to dance. He carried me up two flights of stairs and onto a freezing boat
deck while I was wearing nothing but an evening sleeping dress. The cold air hit with a shock
that I fully woke up but Victor was just standing there staring out at the endless blue sea.
“It’s gone.” he whispered faintly.
“What is?” I said trying to figure out what was happening.
“Queenstown. That was the last stop in Europe.” He whispered so only him and I could hear,
“We’ve missed the stop. We’re crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a ship that’s going to hit an
iceberg and sink to the bottom of the ocean in 4 days and 10 hours.”
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