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Ugh. Just got back from our honeymoon which wasn't the most romantic trip I've ever
been on but it has brought Victor and I closer together. Right now I'm typing and Victor is
playing the piano. Living with him has been so different like you can never imagine. He even
allows me not to wear a corset! *blushes* I've always hated that dreadful thing. I hope you enjoy
our story. I'm not sure what to title it but Emily says I should tell you it's a "PG-13" and a "Lime".
Whatever does that mean? Oh, well.
Here's the first chapter:

"There's a bug on you."
"Butterfly." I corrected, "I want it there."
"Disgusting bug," the pastor mumbled, "Now..."
"You may kiss the bride." I whispered.
"What?" the pastor snapped.
"You may kiss the bride." I repeated louder.
"Young lady, you..." but Victor wasn't listening to him so he leaned over and kissed me. My body
froze completely as if struck by lighting. When he drew back he breathed, "You're free." I felt
Emily give me a small pat on my neck with her feelers in congratulation.
"May I present." the Pastor said grimly, "Mr. and Mrs. Victor Van Dort." I remember how Emily
told me the dead would often clap when one of their own got married. There was only the pastor,
our parents, Emily perched on my shoulder, and us and they were all as silent as the grave except
for my mother who had burst into tears. I took my husband's arm and began to walk down the
aisle but I stopped Victor and turned to her. She had treated my horribly but she was still my
mother so I left Victor’s side quietly to give her a hug. She had accepted it begrudgingly and I
walked out of the church with Victor. There was a coach waiting to take us to our new house that
was close to the beach where Victor’s family fisheries were. It was quite a coach ride from the
church to our new home but time seems to fly when your with Victor. I sat on his lap and he
wrapped his arms around me. My hand lowered his chin to my face and kissed him again. At
first, he kissed me sweetly and lightly as if teasing me but then he drew back and whispered my
name huskily and kissed me passionately. I could feel the warmth of his body seep into me
protecting me from the cold night air. His hands were on my shoulder blades bringing me closer
my hands were on his chest. I could his heartbeat strong and quick under his chest and tuxedo.
Suddenly there was a horrific scream.
“Oh shut up already!” Emily snapped at what I presumed was the coach driver.
“I guess this is our stop.” Victor said after he pulled back from our kiss. I nodded and we both
stepped out. As soon as our feet touched the ground the coach driver snapped his reins and rode
for his life. Emily, now a woman in her bridal dress turned to Victor and enveloped him in a hug.
I felt...rather strange. Like something was watching me. Something evil but I turned around and
saw nothing but beach and forest trees. I then turned and Emily gave me a tight hug too.
“I’m really happy for you.” She whispered.
“I know.” I replied trusting her.
“Congratulations and good luck with Victor tonight!” She winked at me with her maggoty eye
and turned into a plethora of butterflies again. I turned to toward the house we bought together
and Victor was standing in the doorway waiting for me. We walked into our house and up our
room when I noticed that Victor, once again, was very fidgety. As we walked into our room he
said, “Victoria...if we...well, if you don’t feel comfortable...” I could almost feel tears welling up
in my eyes. Women hadto make love to their husbands yet he was giving me a choice.
God, I love him.
This reminds me of that community I’m always looking at.” I said cutting him off.
“Hms_victorian?” He asked confused.
“No.” I replied looking straight in his eyes, “do_me_victor.” He realized immediately both the
community and the request I had given. His eyes shined with a deep love and a deep lust and they
went up and down the curves of my body. He played with his hand and awkwardly brought them
to my shoulders.
“If you want me— ” he started.
“You know I do.” I said as I went on my side of the bed. The rest I will leave blank for I really
believe that a wedding night is a scared thing and (concerning all of Victor’s female fans) best
left to the imagination but I will say this much:
He climbed on top of me and his long graceful fingers gently undid my corset while he kissed me
hungrily. My left hand came to the back of his head encouraging him while my right slid down
his trousers. He shivered with pleasure and I could feel him moaning through his kiss.
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