[Echelon] (music_ofze_nite) wrote in do_me_victor,

My Corpse Bride Fanfic

Title- Fallen Wings
Rating- Pending
Pairing- Victor/Emily-Victor/Victoria
Summary- A continuation of where the movie left off three years later...
Disclaimer- All characters belong to Tim Burton

A/N this is just a begining to my idea. If you guys like it, let me know and I will write more :)

Chapter 1

The soft sound of music could be heard through out the old Victorian home. It played softly and crept up through the walls like a small butterfly. It yearned and searched for a place to rest; to end the note.

She fixed her hair as she looked in the mirror. It had been three years since the incident had occurred. The soft music reached her vanity as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She smiled to herself hearing him play. It was only then that she had remembered it was the first time she had saw him; when he was playing. He was a beautiful player. Not like any other. He could sit down and play an extraordinary piece without effort at all. He never required much thought since he was light headed anyways. She laughed to herself remembering how clumsy he had been. Nothing had changed. He was surer of himself now, and his confidence had grown. It had taken them three hours just to attempt to rehearse. That’s so much more than the average wedding rehearsals could ever have with stood. He was lovely though. He was rather tall and quiet slim. You’d think he was a walking stick. He had dark hair and a distant expression. She had noticed it quiet often. In the past year she could feel as though he was drifting, just fading away. Of course when she asked he would only reply with a small assuring smile and bid her all is well, but she knew in her heart something was troubling him.

He closed his eyes and got lost into a trail of deep thought. Memories flooded his mind like a tsunami. They pounded in his head with such force and urge. He hadn’t made the choice. It wasn’t his fault, but why did he wish he had gone after her. She understood him, and she didn’t feel held back by the laws of society. She was free and flawless.

“Like a butterfly.” He spoke quietly out loud.

Then the music stopped.

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